Beguiling beauty and bad vibes in Venice

Gondola quiet canal Venice

Venice is an essential place to visit because of its unique architecture and the historical value (if you actually appreciate these things) but there is no vibe, no feeling and no cultural experience. I feel like beguiling is a fitting word because to me the beauty of Venice is misleading, for me the only beautiful thing was exterior with the rest of my experience being pretty ugly in every other sense. 

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Hitchhiking for the first time and Orebic adventures

Our Lady of Angels Orebic Monastery

A mission of visiting Our Lady of Angels in Orebic with my friend, Sophie, lead to many adventures including hitchhiking for the first time. I share our travel story and practical advice/notes about visiting Orebic.

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Being an Outsider of Party Culture

I share my personal experiences of being in my twenties and being disinterested in party culture. I also describe how this defiance impacts me while travelling.

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