A destination you will never wish to leave: Gargano National Park

Spiagga del Castello

Ciao Amici, If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of global natural beauty – look furthermore, you have opened the portal which will offer you a glimpse to a destination that is the most astonishingly underrated place I’ve visited so far and will ultimately end up high on your ‘must-see’ list by […]

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Living like a queen for a day in San Marino

forts San Marino travel

San Marino is the 5th smallest country in the world and reportedly the world’s oldest surviving republic. This country possesses a friendly small country town vibe and can be enjoyed to the fullest even on a budget. I share tips and insights from our short visit.

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Beguiling beauty and bad vibes in Venice

Gondola quiet canal Venice

Venice is an essential place to visit because of its unique architecture and the historical value (if you actually appreciate these things) but there is no vibe, no feeling and no cultural experience. I feel like beguiling is a fitting word because to me the beauty of Venice is misleading, for me the only beautiful thing was exterior with the rest of my experience being pretty ugly in every other sense. 

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Discovering an enchanting Italian castle & the finest Slovenian wine.

Castello di Miramare is a uniquely positioned castle with epic panoramic views, intricately designed interiors created with luxurious exotic materials and an enchanting botanic park filled with plants from all over the world. In nearby Komen, Slovenia, traditional wine called ‘Terran’ is made – it is the finest wine I have tasted to date.

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Kotor: The Most Beautiful Tourist Trap Town.

Bay of Kotor boats

Kotor is home to a UNESCO listed, well-preserved, medieval Old Town, nestled in the mountains, by the Bay of Kotor. In the present day it is filled with overpriced stores and restaurants, is it still worth the visit?

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