Hi, my name is Mikki (no, it isn’t short for anything)!


I am an Australian girl who is passionate about travelling and getting out into nature. I have an undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Psychology) and I am currently working at a hospital in Melbourne while I save up for future adventures.

I hope to utilise my blog to develop my skills as a writer and a photographer and also as a motivator to do more of the things that excite me. I am looking forward to blogging about places that are a lot further from home in the future but for now, I am keen to get to know my own backyard in Victoria, Australia.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Please follow me on social media accounts if you enjoy my blog – my favourite form of social media is Instagram and I will probably utilise that the most.

Mikki 🙂

PS. To the German speakers who read my blog and are shocked by the choice of my blog name, I hope you find that I use it ironically. I also enjoy the way it sounds haha.