Hey, my name is Mikki! At the age of 25 (in 2017), I quit my jobs in a hospital in Melbourne, Australia to embrace a nomadic life and since then I have been exploring the world.

Admiring the view in Kotor, Montenegro.

Why do I blog?

I love photography and writing; through these mediums I would love to share my journey with you, to inspire, inform and sometimes entertain you – in hopes to encourage you to take your own trip and ensure that when you do that you are as prepared as possible to make it the best trip of your life! I want to share with you the realities of travel – the good and the bad, no sugar coating – life isn’t perfect, neither is travelling (especially when you do it often or long-term).

I love sharing photography and writing from my travels.

About Me – My Personal Journey So Far

When I found out that I had foreign heritage as a child, the realisation that there were other places in the world that I could one day visit them fascinated me! I grew up writing lists of places I wished to visit based on my limited knowledge acquired from my atlas for kids. This intense wanderlust eventually lead to spending many late nights indulging in foreign films as a teenager.

Thrust into the working world at age 15 (by choice) and eventually working full time after graduating at 17 I got a taste of a life I really didn’t want to have, this took me many years to realise. I went to university while continuing to work part-time because I found just working to be boring and while this quenched my thirst for knowledge for some time the end game wasn’t quite my end game.

study abroad maastricht
Enjoying Frittes in Maastricht while studying abroad.

While I gained a Bachelors degree in Applied Science (Psychology) graduating with distinction, my most valuable experience ended up being studying abroad in The Netherlands as part of my degree.  It is was an intensive course in Positive Psychology Рessentially, the study of happiness, this is where I began to get the courage to follow my bliss and my dreams. It also led to me travelling solo for several months around Europe and later living in Germany (German is my second language FYI).

In Lake Bled in Slovenia on my first Eurotrip.

After returning to Australia, I knew exactly what I wanted. Two short follow up trips made me hungrier for a nomadic life. I intensely saved money as soon as I got a job while exploring my own backyard on a budget as I worked towards living my dreams. I have been enjoying my intoxicating freedom since I began living this unconventional lifestyle and I am working towards making this a sustainable way of life.

Exploring the East Coast of Tasmania on my 25th birthday

My Style of Travel & Travel Goals

I want to explore every single country in the world but don’t get me wrong, I am not living to tick off a list to say I’ve done x, y, z. I don’t do things for the sake of it or to earn¬† ‘bragging rights’. My travel style is a combination of living very deliberately (I am selective about how I spend my money and time) and mindfully.

Shooting in Lisbon, Portugal (taken by IG: @slobica)

I am driven by a desire for experience and learning

I am experience focused – I strive to have enriching experiences while travelling as slowly as possible. I like to have authentic cultural experiences and do activities that local people actually recommend doing – not just do things that were created solely to grab money from tourists. I want to learn, I want to see how other people live, sometimes I even like to blend in for a moment and see what it feels like. I mostly work with a small budget, sticking to free and affordable activities – I do, however, sometimes spend big on experiences and things that are personally important or interesting to me.

Wandering in the underground of an ancient palace in Split, Croatia.

Mindful Travel

I like to call my personal style of travel ‘mindful travel’ because my favourite way to travel is to simply ‘be’ in a place, which means simply to wander with curiosity, without any goals and for me, that is where the magic happens. I am free-spirited and impulsive and so are my travel plans, you won’t see me planning too far ahead.

What’s Next?

I am currently spending some time with family in Australia after 6 months of solo-travel in Europe. I will be returning to Europe in August do my first ever non-solo trip – a road trip with my boyfriend, Marko. I am looking forward to sharing these upcoming adventures with you, in the meanwhile, I will share my home country with you.

In my own backyard – Victoria, Australia.

Contact Me


If you wish to work with me please contact me via email: schikimikki@hotmail.com, I will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible.

Readers of Schikimikki

If you wish to contact me feel free to leave a comment on my blog posts were relevant or you can contact me via my social media (links above and below). My favourite form of social media is Instagram (@schikimikki), I am easiest to contact there.