Hi, my name is Mikki (no, it isn’t short for anything)!

PC250127.jpgI have recently quit my job in Melbourne to spend some time travelling the world. I don’t like to plan too far ahead (or at all) so you will have to follow along to see where I end up.

I am passionate about travelling (mostly slow and budget travel), photography, nature and learning. My main focus in life is amassing an array of experiences and endlessly learning in as many parts of the world as possible and I would love to share these experiences with you.

Please follow me on social media accounts if you enjoy my blog – my favourite form of social media is Instagram and I will probably utilise that the most.

Mikki 🙂

PS. To the German speakers who read my blog and are shocked by the choice of my blog name, I hope you find that I use it ironically. I also enjoy the way it sounds haha.