Hitchhiking for the first time and Orebic adventures

Hi Friends,

If you read my last blog post you may have read that I met an Instagram friend, Sophie @bonvoyagesophie, a fellow photography lover, in real life and we had some adventures in Korcula and Orebic (Croatia).

Our Lady of Angels from Korcula at sunset

Sophie and I, met and hung out in Korcula and then decided the next day we should do a day trip to Orebic to visit the Franciscan Monastery, Our Lady of Angels (such a beautiful name for a monastery). We met in the morning to get the ferry and we didn’t anticipate how many modes of transport we would actually use to get to the monastery and how much of a memorable day it would be.

Taking the ferry from Korcula to Orebic 

How to get from Korcula Old Town to Orebic

Firstly, we took a bus from the main bus station in Korcula to the main car ferry port which cost 15HRK ($3AUD). We purchased the tickets at the port and then we took the car ferry to Orebic which cost 20.80HRK ($4.20AUD) for a return trip. The trip took about 15 minutes and provided us with beautiful views of Korcula, Orebic and the smaller surrounding islands.

The ferry heading into Orebic 

We spotted a snake carcass!

“How far could the church be” maybe less than an hour we guessed before walking up the steep hills to the monastery, all good. No, not all good. Firstly, we spotted a fresh snake carcass (I will spare you the gnarly picture) on the way and that left us both a little paranoid about what we would potentially come across.

Our Lady of Angels has a very quintessentially Meditterannean style and the surrounding views of Pelješac Peninsula are simply breathtaking.

The heat + hill = struggle town

Secondly, Silly pale Mikki only wore sunscreen on her face and forgot to wear a hat, the sun was beating down hard even though the temperature wasn’t particularly high. The heat and the hills made for a very challenging mission to get to the monastery, we were however determined. We probably had 10 minutes more to go by foot but the struggle was only getting worse. “Maybe we should hitchhike?” Sophie suggested. I had never hitchhiked before only because I travel solo and I would never hitchhike on my own, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally give it a go. So, we stuck out our thumbs and got in the car of a sweet old man who couldn’t speak a word of English, he took us the seemingly insurmountable hill to the monastery.

Soaking up the holy vibes in the picturesque monastery

Visiting Our Lady of Angels Monastery

We paid a small entry fee to wander the grounds of the monastery, which included a small museum and a chapel. They also have a toilet that you can pay to use if you need it. We also wandered around the attached cemetery briefly. The monastery looks so castle-like from afar, almost reminding me of a tiny version of Schloss Neuschwanstein. Up close, it has a very distinct Mediterranean look with its white stone bricks and red coloured tiles. From the monastery, you have an amazing panoramic view of the Pelješac Peninsula.

The interiors of the chapel were jaw-droppingly beautiful, all the little details were exquisite.

Our Lady of Angels history dates to very far back

Our Lady of Angels was built in gothic-renaissance style in the 16th century. Back in the day sailors passing by would greet the monastery with 3 blows of their horns and the Franciscans would answer by tolling the church bells.

Nautical themed mural in Our Lady of Angels

It was worth the visit but is definitely easier to visit by car

This picturesque, holy place was definitely worth the effort of visiting. You may have read on my instagram that I have a mental list of dream destinations to get married – Our Lady of Angels is high on that list after my visit (it was already my list just from seeing it from afar in Korcula – the beauty followed me everyday). It is a much easier endeavor to go by car rather than by foot, unless your prefer the challenge which probably isn’t such a challenge if you are reasonably fit. If you go in Spring or Summer and choose to walk I recommend that you go in the morning before it gets hot especially if you are sensitive to heat.

Our Lady of Angels Monastery grounds

Delicious homemade icecream in Orebic

On the way down, Sophie and I decided to try our luck again and we hitchhiked down to the main township of Orebic. We had delicious homemade ice cream at Oaza (Oasis) Icecream. We then headed back to the port to get the ferry back to Korcula.

Incredible homemade icecream from Oaza (Oasis) Icecream

Hitchiking with nuns!

Upon arriving in Korcula, I think the adrenaline of hitchhiking had gone to our heads and we thought, ‘why catch the bus when we could hitchhike back to town’?! We saw a pair of nuns leaving a supermarket by the bus station and I knew there was a convent very close to the old town so we stuck our thumbs out once more. Then we were hitchhiking with nuns – one of the most unique experiences in my entire trip!! You have to say that we were clearly blessed that day haha.

Hitchhiking with nuns – such a unique experience!

I hope you enjoyed reading my account of my day trip to Orebic. Special thanks to Sophie for making my stay in Korcula and visit to Orebic especially memorable and for taking the cute picture of me that I shared in this post!

A friendly farmer in Orebic. The locals in Orebic were incredibly welcoming and helpful.

It was really cool to finally hitchhike for the first time, it was super exhilarating and just practical. The local people of Orebic are very friendly and helpful people, it was a wonderful place to visit, I would love to go back one day to take a swim on one of their beautiful beaches.

Mikki 🙂


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