Hannover: The Most Boring City in Germany.

Hallo Liebe Freunde,

So, you might be taken aback by my title, it is a little brutal but at least brutally honest. I have seen a lot of Germany, from small villages to big cities, some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Germany, in the entire world even! Comparatively, I felt that Hannover was lacking massively and really quite boring. The main sightseeing point in Hannover is the New Town Hall which unfortunately was mostly covered up by scaffolding when I visited. I didn’t even bother entering due to the masses of people getting off tourist buses to enter.

Sightseeing in Hannover

Neues Rathaus/New Town Hall:

This is the most iconic attraction in Hannover. Undoubtedly it is a wonderfully designed building but I think for this to be the highlight of Hannover says a lot…

The front of the Neues Rathaus/ New Town Hall

Hannover Altstadt/Hannover Old Town

This is one of my favourite parts of Hannover, the architecture in this area is simply stunning.

Old Town Hannover


Marktkirche is located in the Old Town, I particularly like the exterior of this church which has many fascinating features.

Fascinating features on the exterior of Marktkirche
The door of Marktkirche


This was another one of my favourite parts of Hannover simply because it was so thought-provoking and to me, what it symbolises is hard-hitting. Not many cities show signs of their painful pasts (understandably!) and if they do they are normally small plaques or statues or you might not even realise that they have re-used materials that belong to previously ruined buildings. Aegienkirche was destroyed along with most of the city in World War 2 by bombings and it has been left in ruins as a memorial. 

Aegidienkirche is a war memorial – deliberately left in ruins


Maschee is an artificial lake not far from the Neues Rathaus/New Townhall. It is a nice place to go for a stroll to temporarily escape city life. However, it isn’t really something to write home about.


Vegetarian Food in Hannover

I visited Loving Hut and had some delicious, healthy vegetarian food. It cost me 12 euros ($18.12AUD) for 2 small meals and a drink which is a bit on the pricey side but it was worth it for me.

Public Transport in Hannover/Getting to the Airport

The public transport in Hannover is excellent. Like with Hamburg, you can navigate which bus/tram/train to take using Google Maps and it is reasonably priced. You can even get the train from the Hauptbahnhof to the Airport for 3.50EU ($5.29AUD).

Budget Accommodation in Hannover

Airbnb is the best way to go for a private room at the best price. I wouldn’t recommend the Airbnb I was at though as it was smelly, dirty and noisy. Getting a private room or apartment otherwise is quite expensive.

The vibe/ The culture/ The People

-I found people in Hannover to be generally quite unfriendly, cold and even rude at times.

-The vibe was pretty much non-existent.

Why didn’t I like Hannover?

Hannover is all well and good to visit for a single day, you can very easily see everything in a day! But after that, there is nothing much else to see or do. As aforementioned, I didn’t think much of the vibe or the people who were mostly just buzzkills. I was mainly there to get a flight out from their airport anyway. I will only ever return there if it is to save money on flights.

Keep in mind this blog post contains my opinions and if yours differ to mine that is perfectly fine. Have you ever been to Hannover before, do you share similar sentiments or totally disagree with me?

Mikki 🙂




3 thoughts on “Hannover: The Most Boring City in Germany.

  1. This article is pretty hard to read for someone who lives here since so many years and loves this city a lot! Maybe it’s nicer to live here then just travel to Hannover. But the city changes every year, there are so many special events, places, highlights etc. The Eilenriede-forest as the biggest city-forest is amazing, the zoo is beautiful (but expensive!), I love the international firework championship in the summer. Right now we are celebrating “Frühlingsfest”, which is followed by the “Schützenfest” and later in the summer by the “Maschseefest” before the “Oktoberfest” is starting. Also the Herrenhäuser Gärten and the Berggarten are stunning. Right now the Scillaflowers in Linden are a highlight as there is a huge blue flower carpet which we also celebrated 2 weeks ago with a little festival that welcomes the spring. I could write so much more now…!
    Reading your article litteraly hurts. And we don’t say “Moin” here… I really hope other people come here to build their own opinion 🙂


  2. Hey Svenja,
    I saw your comment on Instagram also but I will just respond here as this is a pretty long message.
    As mentioned in my last paragraph, this blog post contains my opinions and I expect that people will have opinions that differ to me. My opinion doesn’t equal fact, it equals my perspective. I personally take anyone’s opinion about a place with a large pinch of salt as I think everyone should because I am a different person and I sometimes have a very different perspective of a place, sometimes even very different to that of a good friend or family member.

    I have seen quite a lot of Germany (I’ve visited 8 large cities, countless smaller cities and towns and lived there, in Hamburg and in a small town further North) and seen quite a bit of Europe and for me personally, Hannover comparatively pales in comparison to the other places I have seen. As mentioned, I found the people to be very cold and often very rude – yes this is just a different culture than my own (I am even familiar with this type of culture) but as a solo long-term traveller that isn’t the nicest thing to experience, it is quite jarring. I mentioned parts I liked about Hannover, such as the Aegidienkirche and the Old Town. The only other place that interested me that I didn’t visit was the Photography Museum. I am personally not a big festival-goer either unless it is related to something specific to my interests and visiting zoos are against my ethics. If you have ever read my blog before you will notice I do things that interest me (not just ‘must do’s’), that are within my small budget (this allows me to travel longer) and usually fairly spontaneously, not just to tick off a list, that is my travel style.

    Perhaps Hannover is more interesting if you live there but as a tourist spending 5 days alone there it was honestly one of my top 2 worst experiences in Germany. I stand by my opinion that Hannover is only worth visiting for 1-2 days – please note that I didn’t say that it wasn’t worth visiting at all. People also said Moin to me on multiple occasions but as a local, I will take your word and omit this from my post.

    I am sorry if my opinions have hurt your feelings. I welcome and respect different opinions such as your own which you are perfectly entitled to have but I am also entitled to have my own opinion on my own blog.

    Mikki 🙂


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