My Top Recommendations for Visiting Heidelberg on a Budget

Hi Friends,

One of the Most Iconic Cities in Germany

Recently, I visited the town, Heidelberg in Germany on the recommendation of one of my friends, Mascha. When Germany is advertised internationally to tourists, two of the most commonly featured places are Schwangau (where Schloss Neuschwanstein is located) and Heidelberg. To me it, it was immediately obvious why this picturesque town is one of the most iconic places in Germany.

The view of Heidelberg from the castle

Impressions of Heidelberg

Some parts of Heidelberg seem to be very tourist-centric (mainly in the old town) despite being full of students and therefore can be somewhat expensive to have meals out in etc. However, due to the beauty of Heidelberg alone, it was a joy to just wander around and I managed to spend no money on visiting attractions. The city is also small enough to be able to explore most of it by foot.

Schloss Heidelberg

Sightseeing in Heidelberg

Schloss Heidelberg/Heidelberg Castle

One morning, I arose early, determined to complete a lot of sightseeing in that day. As the sun was rising, I headed to Schloss Heidelberg. Some parts of the castle are free to walk around and others you have to pay for – for more information click here. The castle is one of the best places to get a view of the town and in itself is an incredible sight. And if you aren’t keen for a bit of a hike you can also take the Funicular (the cost seems to be included in some castle ticket packages).

Heidelberg Castle


A taxi driver asked me “You are Australian, why would you want to come here”?? Well, I can’t wander around historical castles where I come from.

Alte Brücke/Old Bridge Heidelberg

After soaking in the views and wandering around the free parts of the castle grounds, I headed towards the iconic Old Bridge.


The Old Bridge
The Old Bridge, again :).

Philosophenweg/Philosopher’s Way

After walking to and across the bridge, I headed to Philosopher’s Way (Philosophenweg). Philosophers’ Way as the name suggests was given its name due to university professors and philosophers of Heidelberg taking this specific walk to contemplate and discuss ideas. Admittedly, I found this uphill walk to be quite the challenge especially due to the sometimes slippery or loose cobblestones. However, due to it providing one of the best views of the city and a place where sometimes you can have total serenity (even for just a moment), it was worthwhile.

One of the views from Philosophers’ Way
Admiring the views at one of the lookouts


There are a number of niche Museums to visit in Heidelberg, however, none that interested me in particular.

Budget Accommodation Recommendation

In terms of accommodation, I recommend Hostel Lotte which was clean and comfortable, in a great location and they even have a women’s dorm.

Safety Advice/ Warning for Heidelberg

I must warn you that there are pickpocketers in the area – my roommate unsuspectingly had her entire wallet stolen from her handbag. She was saved by the fact she had a new credit card that she was yet to activate in her luggage at the hostel. So, also keep in mind to have at least 2 cards you can access money from and keep them in separate places. Keep your bag to the front of your body and never have it out of your sight.

Final Thoughts about Visiting Heidelberg

I would recommend staying in Heidelberg 2-3 days max as you can see a lot in just one day. It is a place to relax and wander, so for me, it is definitely worth a visit.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Mikki 🙂


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