Living a Life of Luxury on a Budget in Budapest

Hello Friends,

Taking a Break in Budapest

I recently spent 5 days in Budapest, I actually extended my stay once because I was enjoying chilling out there. I was in need of some serious me-time after spending 5 intense days in a hostel. It was my second time in Budapest, in my first time I did quite a lot of sightseeing so this time I mostly wandered around.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion & Budapest Parliament

Firstly, I stayed in accommodation in Buda near Fishermans Bastion which was quite overpriced for what it was so I won’t recommend it. The location was however amazing and I wandered around the Fishermans Bastion two nights in a row, which was a little bit magical. Fishermans Bastion in itself is a magnificent sight and from there you also get some of the best views of Budapest, including of the iconic parliament building. For the full magical effects visit while the sun is setting or at night. 

Parliament in Budapest from Fisherman’s Bastion

My First Time in a Ruin Bar…

I also went to a ruin bar for the first time, I had great company but the vibe was a bit strange mostly due to some very creepy guys. A Hungarian friend from Budapest told me there is a party scene outside of the ruin bars which is unlike anything else in the world, so maybe try to visit places besides that if partying is your thing.

Be Careful When Taking Taxis in Budapest

Taxi drivers are notorious for overcharging people in Budapest (you should always ask for them to turn on the meter and if you can get your accommodation provider to call one for you). My friend’s hostel called me a taxi but it never came. I eventually took a random taxi where the taxi driver did severely overcharge me (he also got lost and still included that in the charge despite apologising and saying he wouldn’t), he scared me a little bit with his personal questions, to be honest, so I just wanted to get out of the taxi. That is the tricky thing about being a solo female traveller – take a taxi to be safe late at night and end up in a taxi with a strange man who rips you off. Also, FYI: I did take two other taxis while in Budapest, one by a rank at a train station and another called by my aparthotel and they charged me normal fares.

Fisherman’s Bastion

I ended up staying in another apartment for the rest of my stay on the other side of the city in Pest. As I walked up the street with my 20-kilogram luggage on my back and arm towards my new accommodation, I was delighted to see a number of vegetarian and vegan eateries, a fancy chocolate shop and a cute cafe directly across from my room.

St. Matthias Church near Fisherman’s Bastion

Food Recommendations for Vegetarians/Vegans and Chocolate Lovers

I went to Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop (on the corner of Veres Pálné and Curia street) two days in a row, I had lunch there and ordered take away for dinner and dessert. The food was delicious and nutritious and exactly what I had needed, I highly recommend this restaurant and its sister restaurant of the same name (I actually visited there on my first stay in Hungary) for vegetarians and vegans. I also purchased delicious truffles from Cadeau Chocolate shop which is on the same street as the restaurant (you can see I clearly had an amazing apartment location haha).

Liberty Bridge in Budapest. I have been fortunate to always have wonderful weather in Hungary.

Budget Accommodation Recommendation for Budapest

Amber Terrace Studios which I booked through in Pest was fabulous, a small studio apartment with a double bed and a kitchenette in a good location and at an incredible price of $26AUD per night I highly recommend staying here. Due to my ‘Genius’ status on, I was also given the benefit of free early check-in and a 10% discount. If you enjoy my content and plan to book accommodation through anytime soon, please use my links above as using them will help me travel for longer. Using this link, you will also receive $20AUD to spend on accommodation – for some accommodations (like the one I booked above), this is almost one entire night covered! 

Sunsetting over Buda

How Much Did I Spend on a Daily Basis?


When staying in the aparthotel I spent between $35AUD and $62AUD on a daily basis on the costs of my accommodation, eating 2 meals from or at a restaurant every day and any other food/drink expenses.

And last but not least, my favourite shot, of an iconic yellow tram in Budapest

One Last Tip

If you say thank you while paying for something it means ‘keep the change’ so say thank you AFTER you have received your change unless you would like to pay and tip with everything you have given them.

Final Thoughts on Budapest & When to Visit

Oh, and Budapest is an amazing city to wander by foot, which is always an important aspect for me to enjoy a city. Both winters I have been to Budapest it has been mostly sunny and warm (for winter anyway). Winter is definitely a good time to visit if you like to avoid crowds. You can stay in the very nice accommodation, eat and drink very well in Budapest for a low price, it is a wonderful destination for people who are travelling on a budget. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful and interesting.

Mikki 🙂

3 thoughts on “Living a Life of Luxury on a Budget in Budapest

  1. That last train pic though 🙂 Budapest looks like a beautiful city and the budget friendly aspect of it is even more enticing. I visited Prague last summer and loved it. Many people have told me that I have to visit Budapest after going to Prague.

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