Warsaw: Only For Business Not Pleasure

Hi Friends,

I deleted a long-winded ranting post about a string of bizarre experiences I had in Warsaw. I decided to cut things short instead and share some photos and much briefer insights.


Bad Vibes in Warsaw

So, I didn’t actually enjoy Warsaw, it felt like a very cold place (not just physically). To me, it didn’t have a good vibe and I got the impression that most of the local people either didn’t like tourists or foreigners (or both). In Krakow, people say Warsaw is for business, not for pleasure and I totally believe that. Despite my friend and I making a huge effort to learn how to say thank you we were often subject to some very angry looks and rudeness (including eye-rolling and yelling) from locals.






I don’t recommend visiting Warsaw

So, Warsaw is a pretty city but from my experiences, I would not recommend visiting it at all and would recommend visiting Gdansk or Krakow instead. Keep in mind that these are just my opinions based on my own personal experiences so you could possibly have a totally different experience to mine.



8 thoughts on “Warsaw: Only For Business Not Pleasure

      1. How cool is that 😀 It would be cool to meet in person if you come to town. I‘m working but maybe we can arrange something 😀 let me know when you know your travel plans, and when you need some tips what to see….


      2. Hello Marcus, I will be only passing through Nuremberg tomorrow, I was unable to get last minute suitable accommodation so I am heading to Heidelberg :(. Hopefully I can come through at another time. Mikki

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