The Most Intricately Designed City I have Visited: Gdansk

Hi Friends,

I recently spent almost a week in Gdansk, Poland. I really enjoyed my time there just walking around and eating. Here are some of the things I saw and I will also include a food recommendation.

kitty cat

The most impressive thing for me about Gdansk was…

The incredible amounts of detail on the exteriors of almost every building, especially in the historical areas. This is particularly impressive because the city was largely destroyed during World War II and was later rebuilt during the 1950’s-1960’s. The current appearance of the city does not reflect how it looked in the past either as all the traces of Germany were almost completely removed and instead, other influences (Dutch, Italian and French) were embraced.

Mariacka Street is a very beautiful street, home to cafe’s and jewellery and souvenirs shops.

You must see…

If you love intricate designs, you will fall in love with Mariacka Street and Dluga Street as they are both full of buildings adorned with different paintings, murals and sculptures.

Beautiful details on a backstreet
Neptune’s Fountain on Dluga Street
Gorgeous design on the exterior of a building on Dluga Street
Dluga Street 
Dluga Street 

Food Recommendations For Gdansk

For delicious Pierogis I recommend Bar Mleczny Stągiewna which is a Polish Milk bar full of traditional foods. I had a plate of mushroom and cabbage pierogi for only $3.50AUD and it was very delicious.

27145483_10214418792277636_595911731_o.jpgThis milk bar isn’t far from Dluga Street and is nearby to a big white Ferris wheel (Gdansk Panoramic Wheel).

Mushroom and cabbage pierogi

Final Thoughts on Gdansk

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Gdansk and if you are a person like me who likes to see a city by foot you may also like it. I also felt incredibly safe in Gdansk, even when I walked to get dinner alone at night time.

Zuraw Crane
Mermaid nearby to the Maritime Museum

Other Recommendations

Two things I didn’t do but sounded interesting were the World War II museum and the Solidarity Museum. Also, on the recommendation of a friend, in the warmer seasons, it would also be worth visiting Gdynia and Sopot from here.


What is your favourite city to visit in Poland and do you have any tips for visiting Poland? I also really enjoyed Krakow, you can check out my blog post on Krakow right here.

Mikki 🙂


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