Photo Diary: A Warm Christmas in Melbourne

Hi Friends,

This blog post is following my walk from my workplace to the CBD and is photography orientated, showing you what I saw along the way. If you are looking for a guide to Melbourne’s CBD, check out my blog post here.

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens during sunset

I started off walking through Fitzroy Gardens as I work nearby. The gardens are home to a wide variety of native and exotic plants.

If you would like to see a Jacaranda tree you can do so in Fitzroy Gardens!

I recommend visiting on a warm day – it is a great place to have a picnic (there’s lots of shade around under the huge trees, for other pale people like me) or for a stroll.

Not sure what species of flower this is but I love it!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, East Melbourne

I then ended up walking past my favourite church in Melbourne, St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral framed by palm trees


I loved how only the front door was decorated with a single string of tinsel, such a small decoration is quite a juxtaposition against such an intricately designed grandiose cathedral.


Old Treasury Building

I then walked past the Old Treasury Building (pictured below).

Old Treasury Building at sunset

Town Hall

I continued onto Swanston Street and ventured past the Town Hall (below). Town Hall is one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne and it is currently covered in festive decorations.



Flinders Street Station

I then headed towards Federation Square. I got stuck in the middle of the crossing near Flinders Street Station which turned out to work in my favour because I got a lovely shot of the station (below). The station has been recently undergoing repainting and in colours that are closer to its original colours than ever before thanks to modern science.

The iconic Flinders Street Station

Federation Square

When I was finally able to cross the road, I went over to Federation Square (below) which was full of people enjoying the Christmas related attractions. The SBS building (in the far right of the picture) was in more subdued pastel colours and I really liked that in combination with the other different coloured buildings and lights.

Federation Square

South Bank

I then crossed the road and headed towards South Bank.

The view of Southbank from Princes Bridge


The city was already raging with rowdy crowds at 9pm. As I’ve said a million times before, I don’t like crowds at all haha so I was over it, I headed back to my workplace to get my car.

The side entrance to Fed Square has a nice geometrical design

Christmas Traditions in Australia

In Australia, we don’t have many Christmas traditions compared to some other cultures. Some Australians go to church on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day and some Australians have a roast and/or seafood lunch or dinner (sometimes we have hot Christmas Days where this is fitting).

Families and friends tend to create their own unique traditions or they follow the traditions of their families who hail from other countries, with different cultures. I am very much enjoying seeing how others are celebrating Christmas around the world on Instagram and WordPress. I hope you enjoyed these pictures and the brief insight into how we celebrate Christmas in Melbourne.

Merry Christmas!!

Love Mikki

9 thoughts on “Photo Diary: A Warm Christmas in Melbourne

    1. It must be very strange for you to see :’). It is kind of weird for us having Christmas songs about snow and things like that haha. I definitely have to do a white Christmas at some stage just to see how it is done :D!

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      1. Spending Christmas 1993 in South Africa I had my experience of a green and warm holiday season. I remember barbecuing and having a swim before going to church, were we the doors remained open during mass and we heard the birds singing.

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