Skylines of Melbourne & Leaving Melbourne (Life Update).

Hi Friends,

We have been getting some pretty dramatic sunsets lately in Melbourne which I normally admire on the way home from my late shifts. Recently, I was literally screaming as I drove home because I couldn’t believe my eyes – the sunset was a hot pink and it lasted for ages and of course, I didn’t have my camera.

So, I decided that is it! I am going to catch the tail end of the sunset after work, in this spot I came across the other day. Of course, I finished work late and got to my spot just before dusk (I also ran some of the way, in my work uniform and I am not a runner btw).

The following shots were my 2 favourites, I hope you like them.

From the MCG footbridge
From Fitzroy Gardens with the remnants of the sunset (I don’t recommend coming here alone at night FYI)

I thought I would also include a little life update in this post… This week I have given notice to my boss so I can officially announce that I am quitting my job to travel and eventually work overseas! I am leaving Melbourne in December to spend New Year’s Eve with a good friend in Sweden and then I will do some travelling in Europe.

‘Cya Melbourne’! I have been waiting a long time to share this picture of me in Melbourne shot by my friend, Scarlet. I figured it was the most fitting picture to go along with this announcement.

I don’t like to plan too far ahead because I like some flexibility with my travels so you will just have to see where I end up (I will too hahaha). My heart is in Germany so I will be back there for sure but that is really all I am certain of.  I may also end up visiting a different continent (possibly 2 more) next year.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I am looking forward to sharing my upcoming adventures with you.

Mikki 🙂



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