Epic Californian Redwood Forest in Victoria, Australia

Hi Friends,

Continuing on from my early morning my day trip to Warburton, where I first stopped at La La Falls, the next stop was the Redwood Forest.

Californian Redwood Forest

Now, I have seen plenty of pictures of this forest full of Californian Redwood trees. If I am totally honest,  I haven’t found many pictures that do this place justice (in fairness, most the pictures I’ve seen are portraits which obviously focus more so on people). I don’t think my pictures do this place justice. Like La La Falls, you really have to be there to know how wonderful it is. You can’t see anything but trees and parts of trees when you are inside the forest, when you look up, you can hardly see the sky (shown in the picture below). You can’t hear anything apart of from birds, faintly singing. It is a very peaceful place. There was one other person there but I did not see him in the forest, we later met in the carpark.

Looking up, you can barely see the sky.

Planted in 1930 to replace Eucalypts that were cleared (from fire or logging), these trees are possibly the tallest of its kind in Victoria (Source: Visit Warburton). If you are like me and really want to visit California one day and see their incredible forests full of some of the oldest trees in the world, I definitely recommend you checking this place out to feed your wanderlust.



Where: 83km (1 hour 32 minutes of driving) from Melbourne’s CBD, not far from the Warburton Township. A car park is located in front of the forest on Cement Creek Road. There is a gate that leads you to the forest nearby.

When: All year round. Early in the morning is a good time to visit if you would like a quiet, peaceful experience.

Length/Time: There are apparently trails through/around the plantation according to the Visit Warburton website, I didn’t come across them. I spent about 20 minutes meandering around the place.

Safety Tip:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: This is where I spotted my snake friend (blog post: here). There is a field next to the gate leading to the trees, that has a Rhododendron in the middle of it and I spotted a deadly Tiger snake there. So please keep in mind if you wander around/outside the perimeter of the trees that there are deadly snakes around. My recommendation is to keep on high alert, as you always should in country parts of Victoria, particularly in Spring and Summer. This happened quite early in the morning, before 9am on a warm Spring day, so as I said: be alert at all times.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you visit and would like to make a day trip out of it, I would recommend visiting the following places nearby (I have linked blog posts about each recommended area where possible) :

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it informative.

Mikki 🙂


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