Exploring The Yarra Valley: La La Falls, Warburton

Hi Friends,

Last week I pulled myself out of bed for some early morning adventures in the Yarra Valley. My first stop was La La Falls in Warburton.

New fern growth amongst the fully grown fern.

It was a very peaceful, quiet time wandering alone through the forest to get to the falls. There was nothing but me and a variety of species of birds – mostly very little ones who were hopping around the forest floor.

PB081195.jpgI love watching the sunset and the time after but the time before and during sunrise is my favourite time to explore because there is not a human in sight and I can enjoy wherever I am in an unhurried manner and take pictures at a very leisurely pace.

The trail to the falls is as beautiful as the falls itself.

The trail leading to the waterfall definitely has a magical kind of beauty with light only just making it through all the different varieties of green vegetation. The trail is slightly uphill with a few obstacles (I climbed over a small fallen tree) but is still fairly easy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe track to La La Falls mostly follows the route of an old timber tramway that was constructed in 1909. The tramway was used to carry logs of wood to the main train station to then be transported on to Melbourne. Eventually, the tramway became a popular walking spot for locals and to this day is much-loved walking trails/waterfall to locals and tourists alike.

Under the bridge



77.35km (1 hour 20 mins) from Melbourne’s CBD, nearby to the Warburton township. A car park is located in front of the start of the trail on Urruka Road, Warburton VIC 3799.


Any time of year. As the trail is well sheltered by the thick vegetation I can imagine that it would still be quite cool on the trail even in warm weather. The falls are said to particular spectacular after rain (which tends to be the case with waterfalls in general), just wear proper hiking shoes if you do go after rain because it was very muddy when I was there and it hadn’t rained for a while.


3.2km return which takes between 1-1.5 hours.

Difficulty/Experience level: 

Moderate grade due to short steep hills and obstacles, no experience required.


Formed track (dirt path). The track was quite muddy in some parts.

Other notes and tips:

-I’d recommend wearing slightly ‘warmer’ clothes than you normally would for whatever the weather is for that day as I ended up being very cold.

-If you have hiking shoes wear them regardless of the weather because of the mud.

-See the bottom of this blog post for recommendations of other places to visit nearby.


I thoroughly enjoyed this trail and I would highly recommend it to people who love rainforest landscapes and waterfalls. It is a decent workout and La La Falls is quite a lovely reward.

It is pretty magical, right?

Admittedly, I have been underwhelmed by other peoples photos of the falls and even with my own photos (initially anyway). You have to really see it for yourself, it was bigger than I expected and the surrounding vegetation really adds to the experience. There is also a little bench for you to sit on in front of the waterfall so you can take a break from walking and soak it all in!

La La Falls up close

If you visit and would like to make a day trip out of it, I would recommend visiting the following places nearby (I have linked blog posts about each recommended area where possible) :

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Mikki 🙂


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