Hiking Around Churchill Island, Victoria.

Hi Friends,

Did you know there is another Island near Phillip Island?

While visiting Phillip Island, I stopped by Churchill Island – which is connected to Phillip Island by a bridge. I was quite intrigued to find about this island as I frequently came to Phillip Island for many years as a youngster and never knew another island existed nearby.

Mummy cow 😀

The perfect place for animal lovers

If you are an animal lover like myself, you will be very happy to find that Churchill Island (like Phillip Island) is a haven for animals! Upon driving off the bridge I was greeted by the sight of several Highland Cattle including an adorable baby cow (note: you aren’t allowed to approach these free roaming cows FYI).

Cows crossed the path in front of my car to be fed. The adorable calf happily pranced over!

What is on Churchill Island

Churchill Island is home to an information centre, a working farm, a cafe, historic grounds, beautiful gardens (the first European garden and crop of wheat in Victoria was grown here) and 2 walking tracks that go around the whole island. So, there is certainly something for everyone on this little island.

No sand in sight, just red rocks.

Initially, because I was a little lost I couldn’t find where the starting point was for the walking tracks – despite seeing one when I approached the island by car. One begins near the visitor centre and if you are really lost you can quite easily ask someone who works there.

Cape Barren Geese and their babies.

As a result of my being lost, I started the trail at a random point and ended up doing part of North Loop and South Loop walking trails.

A map of Churchill Island.

I walked for about an hour until it got impossibly windy. So I walked back to my car and was virtually pushed there by the winds.

More rocky red coast with birds flying above. In the distance, you can see Phillip Island.

I enjoyed the parts of the trails I did as they gave many interesting perspectives of Churchill Island and Phillip Island. It was also an easy walk on a gravel trail.

A view of Phillip Island.

On my walk, I came across many families of Cape Barren Geese (often accompanied by little chicks), many cows (I ended up doing a cow photoshoot haha oops…) and a single wallaby which quickly scurried away upon our eyes meeting.

Sea cows!

These cows seem to sit and stare out at the sea all day. I was really happy to see cows with such a seemingly high quality of life, in a beautiful setting.

Pretty lady cow.

Churchill Island is very family-friendly

I would recommend visiting Churchill Island for a very chilled out, easy walk. It appeared to be a very family-friendly type of place, with lots of people bringing their little ones to the island. You could probably push a stroller along a lot of that trail too as it is well-formed, mostly gravel. My dad told me that the cafe there is quite lovely too.

Another pretty cow :)!
Another coastal view!
A Cape Barren Goose and its baby!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope I didn’t bore you with all the cow shots hehe :).

If you would like to read about or see pictures from my Phillip Island adventures, the links are below:

  • The Nobbies: A short-easy coastal walk, along a boardwalk providing stunning ocean views.
  • Cowes: A selection of photos from sunrise at Cowes Pier. Cowes is the main local township on Phillip Island.
  • Kitty Miller Bay: Some sunrise shots from Kitty Miller Bay. Kitty Miller Bay is well-known for the SS. Speke shipwreck.
  • The Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai:  The Pinnacles are a rock formation at Cape Woolamai which is a popular spot for photography (especially at sunset). Cape Woolamai is home to a beautiful beach and a cape with hiking trails.
  • Forrest Caves: Forrest Caves as the name alludes to, is home to spectacular rock formations that have formed like caves on the beach.

Mikki 🙂

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