Exploring Phillip Island’s Stunning Coastline: The Nobbies

Hi Everyone,

On my last day in Phillip Island, I visited The Nobbies which was called Seal Rocks back when I was a kid – not sure why they changed the name, Seal Rocks sounds better to me.

Bring along a $2 coin if you wish to operate one of these bad boys

An easy walk suitable for all levels of fitness

This is a wonderful place to do a very easy, short walk around the coast and the boardwalk offers incredible views. This would be a great place to take kids (I went there many times as a kid) and also great for people who aren’t able to walk long distances.


I especially loved the juxtaposition of the bright green grass against the deep blue sea. The volcanic rock formations around the coastline are also interesting to look at.



Where: 1320 Ventnor Road, Summerlands. The Nobbies is located 149km (approximately 2 hours 14 minutes of driving) from Melbourne’s CBD. The Penguin Parade is close to The Nobbies.

When: Any time of year. Just beware that you will be more likely to spot a snake in warmer weather (as I did at a beach nearby shortly after I visited The Nobbies). I think I went at the perfect time – early Spring. The attractions at Phillip Island can get quite busy during school holidays, Summer in general and during the Grand Prix (roads are very busy during Grand Prix).

Length/Time: 800 metres return which is approximately 20 minutes return.

Difficulty/Experience Level: Easy, no experience required. Could be done by a small child with ease. Some parts of the boardwalk are wheelchair accessible but not all of it.

Terrain: Boardwalk. Any casual footwear should suffice for this.

Other notes and tips:

-The most important thing to note is that this area opens and closes at different times depending on the season to protect the native penguins. For opening times please check out this link .

-I didn’t go to the actual Nobbies Centre so I can’t recommend it or not. There are toilets and a café at the centre.

-Bring a $2 coin if you wish to use one of the outdoor binocular machines for 2 minutes. Apparently, there are more inside the centre which are more expensive ($5) but you can use them for a longer amount of time (5 minutes).

-There are lots of animals (mostly native birds) wandering on the road in this area so please drive slowly and be prepared to stop for adorable animal families to cross the road.




Snakes in this area are no joke – I spotted one nearby

In regards to the above photo… this no joke haha. I didn’t spot any on the actual boardwalk, however, keep this in mind when you go for walks on the Island. I went slightly off the beaten track at a beach nearby to The Nobbies and FINALLY spotted my first snake in the wild. That scared the living daylights out of me and I drove straight home after that.


As I read on a sign, The Nobbies area was initially not as green many years ago, as it was trampled over by visitors. Thanks to the boardwalk that was installed to protect vegetation and the native animals that live in this area, the area is incredibly green and lush and has a thriving wildlife population.

All my green dreams coming true haha

The best place to watch Mother Nature’s free show

The sea is so wild in this area and full of large rock formations, it is quite entertaining to watch the wild seas move in all different directions and also to watch explosions of the blowhole. There are some seats in some parts of the boardwalk if you have time take a seat and watch Mother nature’s free show.

Wild seas enclosed by green cliffs

I highly recommend visiting The Nobbies

I definitely recommend slotting this into your itinerary when visiting the island. It won’t take up too much time, it is free to do the boardwalk and it is a relaxing, easy stroll that any nature lover would enjoy!

The Blow-Hole – not blowing haha

Mikki 🙂

If you would like to read more about or see pictures from my Phillip Island adventures, the links are below:

  • Cowes: A selection of photos from sunrise at Cowes Pier. Cowes is the main local township on Phillip Island.
  • Kitty Miller Bay: Some sunrise shots from Kitty Miller Bay. Kitty Miller Bay is well-known for the SS. Speke shipwreck.
  • The Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai:  The Pinnacles are a rock formation at Cape Woolamai which is a popular spot for photography (especially at sunset). Cape Woolamai is home to a beautiful beach and a cape with hiking trails.
  • Forrest Caves: Forrest Caves as the name alludes to, is home to spectacular rock formations that have formed like caves on the beach.

16 thoughts on “Exploring Phillip Island’s Stunning Coastline: The Nobbies

  1. Hey Mikki. Did you drive along the coastal road from the Nobbies back to the penguin parade? There a few lookouts with spectacular views. And you also forgot to mention the local ‘feral’ Cape Baron goose and it’s anger issues… hahahahaha…. Great blog BTW. Keep it up..

    P.S PI is one of my favourite places to visit in Victoria.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Theo, Nah, I went back along Ventnor Rd. because the beaches were calling me when I was on the way to The Nobbies hehe. It was such a nice sunny day so I stopped at a few beaches on the way back on that road until I spotted a snake lol… then I noped my way out of there :’). Oooh, I have so many pictures of those Geese, I will share one in an upcoming post. Definitely intimidating birds especially when they have their chicks in tow haha. You have to admit they are adorable how they mostly hang out as a family! Phillip Island is one of my favourite places too. I am going to do a guide to the island at some stage because I feel like tourists (mainly from abroad) miss out because they think only the Great Ocean Road is worth seeing. I reckon Phillip Island is sooooo underrated. I am glad you liked my post, thank you for reading!
      Mikki 🙂


  2. Hey no worries. PI is a great spot for astro photography too. Looking forward to getting down very soon (only if the damn weather co-operates and clears up).. I think the west has only the Great Ocean road whereas the east you have the beautiful 90 mile beach, PI (of course) and the stunning rolling hills of west Gippsland full of bnb’s and eateries.. I hope your guide kicks off..


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really want to get into astro photography but because I fly solo most of the time, being alone in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere is kind of scary :’). It is such a big state with so much to offer, that is the best part about Victoria, for sure. Mikki 🙂


  3. I was the same initially. The more I went to the same spot the more comfortable I became. Even now when I venture to new locations the heebee geebee’s set in, but after a while I tend to relax. Ask your friends to tag along a few times, get comfortable with your surroundings then go it alone. I sometimes feel being alone is the best, on the flip side though it is good to talk to someone every now and then… Am I making any sense? I’e joined a couple of FB groups, still haven’t gone with any of them. I’ve found Flinders in the Mornington Peninsula to be a popular spot. Every now and then I find someone new who is there shooting (stars not people hahaha) as well. Cape Woolamai and Airey’s Inlet are the other two places I frequent.

    Liked by 1 person

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