Spectacular, Invigorating Sunrise at Kitty Miller Bay

Hi Friends,

This day was the first of the season (and the first time in a long time) that I have dragged myself out of bed for the morning golden hour.

A wallaby hanging out near the carpark at Kitty Miller Bay

About Kitty Miller Bay

Kitty Miller Bay is one of my Dad’s favourite beaches (Hi Dad, if you’re reading this). This is not a particularly popular beach compared to the others on the island but for the people who know it, it is well known for the remains of the SS. Speke Shipwreck. You must walk across rocks on 2km return walk to get there.

The sky working its magic over the country road and fields

I chickened out of walking to the shipwreck

I am embarrassed to say I didn’t do the walk because I was frightened that I might come across a snake as my dad spotted one there a million years ago (read: a decade ago lol). Seeing as I mostly fly solo, it is one of my worst nightmares to get bitten when I am out on my own. It is probably highly unlikely to spot a snake at sunrise before it becomes warm at all. If you aren’t a chicken like me I highly recommend you do this walk as people have raved about it to me.

I really love the aesthetic of wooden stairs to the beach

This is beautiful spot to watch the sunrise in peace in Phillip Island

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the sky work its magic from multiple vantage points around the beach.

Cows enjoying the sunrise.

There is something really uplifting about watching a sunset or sunrise. I was in a state of euphoria when I was shooting this and as I drove off to my next destination I was smiling like I was in love.

Not sure how I got this effect with the little light bubbles but I love it


This is where you are supposed to hike over/around to get to the shipwreck
Very carefully hidden is a house with a rooftop made of moss/grass, it is incredible!
View of the coast
Back on the road again

If you would like to read about or see pictures from my Phillip Island adventures, the links are below:

  • The Nobbies: A short-easy coastal walk, along a boardwalk providing stunning ocean views.
  • Cowes: A selection of photos from sunrise at Cowes Pier. Cowes is the main local township on Phillip Island.
  • The Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai:  The Pinnacles are a rock formation at Cape Woolamai which is a popular spot for photography (especially at sunset). Cape Woolamai is home to a beautiful beach and a cape with hiking trails.
  • Forrest Caves: Forrest Caves as the name alludes to, is home to spectacular rock formations that have formed like caves on the beach.

Mikki 🙂






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