Incredible Views on the George Bass Coastal Walk

Hi Friends,

I’d like to share with you a beautiful coastal walk that I recently did on my road trip, I have been wanting to do this one for a while. This stop is on the way to Phillip Island, in a town called San Remo and I highly recommend this for walking/hiking fans.

Some of the walking trail – a narrow pathway running along the cliffs of the coastline.

I did find this to be a somewhat challenging hike as it alternates between uphill and downhill inclines (still a bit unfit at the moment but I am working on it!). The views kept me going as I had to see what was around the next corner.

Rugged cliffs surrounding private beaches


Where: 100km South East of Melbourne. The hike starts from a carpark at the end of Punchbowl Road in San Remo. You can also start the hike from Bass Highway, Kilcunda. For a map of the trail and more information, please check out this pdf from Parks Victoria.

When: Any season.

Length/Time: 14km return (4 hours) to do the full George Bass Walk. You can stop and turn around at any point though, depending on your fitness level/time limitations. I did not complete the full walk.

Difficulty/Experience Level: An average level of fitness is required, as mentioned earlier it is an alternating uphill and downhill battle.

Terrain: The terrain is mixed – made up of gravel, dirt and grass paths along the cliffs. It was muddy in some parts of the trail. Sturdy runners or hiking shoes would be suitable.

Other Notes/Tips:

-There is limited shade so if you are fair skinned or susceptible to sunburn like me come prepared with a hat and make sure you are wearing sunscreen, especially on a sunny day.

-I would recommend downloading the above PDF just so you have an idea of what to expect from the trail. It also contains some historical information and other safety tips.


The walking trail has many twists and turns, giving you a multitude of different perspectives of cliffs, beaches and the sea.


I set up on this cliff and had my snack which was a Cliff bar haha and played around with slow shutter speed settings and my tripod.

Hi Frens!

I came across a few fields of cows on this hike and the field in the picture above I found quite mesmerising. It reminded me of when I was in Austria, with their bright green Teletubby-esque hills spotted with cows.


I concluded my hike at a very secluded beach called Half-Moon Bay (cliff view of the bay is depicted below) and then I headed back in the opposite direction.

Half Moon Bay coastline

This walk caters to all fitness levels

At the time, I didn’t actually realise that the walk goes a lot further along the coastline – it is a 7km walk (one way), I was way too exhausted to do that haha. I guestimate that I walked around 2km of it one way- so 4km in total. The beauty of this walk is that it does cater to all fitness levels in the sense that you can do the full 14km return or a shorter walk as I did.


The beaches along the walk aren’t suitable for swimming

I don’t think this beach or any of the beaches along this stretch of coastline are suitable for swimming as there were many warning signs nearby – warning of freak waves, sudden tide changes etc.  So, I wouldn’t count on going for a swim during/after your hike on this coastline.

Half Moon Bay Beach

Food Recommendations in San Remo

I headed to the nearby Bassine Cheesery for a yummy chocolate milkshake and to pick up some cheese (100% recommend!!!) after this walk and then got prepared for a sunset shoot. I hope you enjoyed this post, as always I look forward to sharing my next post!

If you would like to read about or see pictures from my Phillip Island adventures, the links are below:

  • The Nobbies: A short-easy coastal walk, along a boardwalk providing stunning ocean views.
  • Cowes: A selection of photos from sunrise at Cowes Pier. Cowes is the main local township on Phillip Island.
  • Kitty Miller Bay: Some sunrise shots from Kitty Miller Bay. Kitty Miller Bay is well-known for the SS. Speke shipwreck.
  • The Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai:  The Pinnacles are a rock formation at Cape Woolamai which is a popular spot for photography (especially at sunset). Cape Woolamai is home to a beautiful beach and a cape with hiking trails.
  • Forrest Caves: Forrest Caves as the name alludes to, is home to spectacular rock formations that have formed like caves on the beach.

Mikki 🙂



8 thoughts on “Incredible Views on the George Bass Coastal Walk

  1. Hi Mikki, I loved my brief visit to Phillip Island. I hope to return one day. Thanks for reminding me of the place and showing me beautiful pictures of a walk I would like to do. 🙂

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    1. Hi Jane, I am glad you enjoyed my post! I think I will even return there as soon as possible, so many beautiful photographic opportunities and lovely walks to do! Definitely an underrated part of Victoria. 🙂 x

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