An Epic, Must See Waterfall in Victoria: Steavenson Falls

Hi Friends,

Dead tree near the parking lot at Steavenson Falls.

As mentioned in my last blog post I have been meaning to visit Marysville for a little while, mainly to chase waterfalls and practice some slow shutter speed photography.

The grounds are lit up by floodlights until 11pm.

Walking Trails in Victoria are often closed

I was quite disappointed to find that I couldn’t actually visit many of the stops I was keen to visit in Marysville as Lady Talbot Drive was closed due to storm damage. I find this incredibly frustrating as this tends to happen about 50% of the time I visit any track in Victoria. Some places seem to be fixed very quickly if they are popular whereas other places are seemingly never fixed (there are tracks near my house that have been closed since last year!!!!). I can’t find a website that updates on this area, so if you are planning to visit (and have your heart set on visiting a particular stop) you may wish to contact the Marysville visitor centre first.

One of the five cascades which have a platform in front of it.

I only got to see one waterfall I wanted to visit in Marysville but it did not disappoint

Due to the closure of other sites that I wanted to visit, I ended up visiting Steavenson Falls twice! Luckily, this place doesn’t disappoint. The falls are one of the biggest in Victoria, measuring at 84m high with five cascades. There are also multiple streams and small waterfalls in the area.

You can feel droplets on your face from this waterfall when you stand on this platform.

A tranquil place

It is certainly the place to be if you are a fan of white noise (I am!!!), the running water from multiple sources makes it a very tranquil place. It also makes it a great place to practice some slow speed photography.

A view from a bridge which runs across the falls.

Steavenson Falls is lit up until 11pm

Steavenson Falls is very clearly well looked after by Parks Victoria and I really enjoyed the fact that floodlights are turned on until 11pm especially because I went there on my own at dusk and found it to be the perfect time to shoot the falls!

Opposite the view from the bridge.

Unique features of the site

Even more, interestingly, these lights are powered by a water turbine and this particular turbine is said to be the only one of its kind in Australia.


A great starting point for hiking

Steavensons Falls is an excellent place for hikers as it is the starting point for multiple hikes – short ones and also day-hikes, varying in difficulty. There are lots of signs in the area making it easy to navigate around the falls and to find these tracks. I stuck to the shorter hikes on this trip, both these walks are estimated to take between 15-30 minutes. The walk around the immediate area of the falls is short (700m) and leisurely on flat, well-formed track.

Some of the terrain leading to the top of the falls. Uphill and slightly muddy after rain.

The walk to the top of the falls is a more challenging hike (I would say medium grade), where you go up-hill for 800m. This hike gives great views on the way and you get really spectacular views when you finally make it to the top.

The view just before you reach the top of the falls.


Where: Steavensons Falls is situated a 4km drive (9 minutes) from the centre of Marysville and approximately 102km (about 1 hour 46 minutes of driving) away from Melbourne’s CBD.

When: Similarly to my previous post (on Cambarville), I would avoid this area during or immediately after windy or stormy days and also on very hot days or days where the fire danger rating is high.

Terrain: Tracks are well-formed in this area. The walking track around the immediate area of the falls is very easy to walk along and could be done in runners or other casual footwear. The walk to the top of the falls was muddy after rain and the terrain was mixed so hiking shoes would be the best for this but if you don’t have any runners will probably do the job fine.

Other notes:

-There is a $3 (AUD) parking fee for cars and the cost increases for bigger vehicles like buses.

-There are toilets near the parking lot at Steavenson Falls.

The view from the top of the falls.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed wandering around the falls. Steavenson’s Falls is definitely a must-see for waterfall lovers, especially for those based in Victoria and even more so for those who love to hike. It is easy to access and easy to navigate around which makes it a great place for a relaxed day out.

Mikki 🙂


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