The Big Culvert & Cora Lynn Falls, Cambarville.

Hi Friends,

It has been on my list for a while to visit Marysville and the surrounding areas to shoot some waterfalls and to enjoy some peaceful times in nature.

The Big Culvert

Only a short walk to the Big Culvert

While I was lost (my GPS was sending me on a wild goose chase :/) I managed to find The Big Culvert which is about 1km away from Marysville, in the direction of Warburton.


The walk to the Big Culvert is a very easy 500m walk. The path to it starts opposite to the little wooden hut that has a map and information. I was a bit unsure about where it started because there has been a little bit of storm damage on this path.


I don’t totally understand what the Big Culvert is but I can appreciate that it is very aesthetically pleasing haha. It was built in the 1870’s by a German settler.

The trail to Cora Lynn Falls

Cora Lynn Falls

After visiting the Big Culvert I headed to Cora Lynn Falls which is a short drive away (maybe 5 minutes of driving).

Enormous roots on one of the many large trees near Cora Lynn Falls

As you can see in the below picture, the path itself was not great. There was lots of storm damage on this track and often I felt like it was an obstacle course. There was a 4km walking trail (The Cumberland I think…) nearby but I chose not to do it just because of how damaged this trail was.

Walking trail or obstacle course?

The falls were very beautiful, nestled amongst ferns and other moss covered plants.

Cora Lynn Falls

This was my first time using a tripod and I found it quite challenging to setup haha but I got there eventually.

Cora Lynn Falls


Where: Cambarville Historic Township  147km away from Melbourne’s CBD and 1km from Marysville.

When: (For both sites)
Avoid on or after windy/stormy days as it can be dangerous with falling trees and branches (reference the above photo of the debris-covered track). Also, avoid on very hot days or days when the fire danger rating is high. A cool spring day would be ideal.

Length & Time:

-The Big Culvert: 50m which should take 10-15 minutes return (depending on how long you take to admire it).

-Cora Lynn Falls: 550m which should take 20-30 minutes return.

Difficulty/Experience: No experience required for either site. Both very easy walks. There are stairs to Cora Lynn Falls though which is slightly challenging if you are unfit (like me lol), still ‘easy’ though.

Terrain: Track is well formed and could easily be done in runners instead of hiking shoes. It can seem like an obstacle course after a storm though…

Other notes/tips: Parking is on the side of the road, across the road from The Big Culvert starting point. There is a car park near Cora Lynn falls, you need to cross the road to get to the start of the trail.

Follow me!!!

Recommendations for visiting the area

These two stops would be great to do in conjunction with a longer hike. These could be your ‘cool down’ stops. They would be good stops on the way to/from Lake Mountain or Marysville.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I look forward to sharing my next few blogs with you!

Mikki 🙂 x




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