Weekend Wandering: Big Peninsula Tunnel & Mt. Donna Buang.

Hi Friends,

Lately, I have been predominantly posting pictures on Instagram but I loved some of the photos I took this weekend so much that I had to make a blog post to share them in!

Mossy Forest

This is the last weekend of winter, so a friend and I headed up to Mt. Donna Buang to check out the snow.

The Big Peninsula Tunnel

Yarra River running through The Big Peninsula Tunnel #1

On the way, we stopped at the Big Peninsula Tunnel (I have written a blog post about this place before – the link is here), my friend had never been before so we went and practised some slow shutter speed photography and I was really chuffed with the results :).

Yarra River running through The Big Peninsula Tunnel #2
Yarra River running through The Big Peninsula Tunnel #3
Walking up some mossy stairs that lead to a 13km hiking trail (will have to do this one day)
On the road to Mt. Donna Buang.

Mt. Donna Buang

Mt. Donna Buang had pretty thick snow and as a result, only the lower car park was open and a few roads/pathways were closed off. There is also 2 vans there – one renting out toboggans and another selling food and drinks (these both close up around sunset).

Stumbling through the snow

If you want to catch the snow at Mt. Donna Buang, you will probably be able to see it over the 2 few weeks. It is still quite cold at the moment even though winter officially ends in a few days. Don’t forget some gloves (haha I did) if you do go up.

Happy as Larry

Mt. Donna Buang Observation Tower

If the road is closed up beyond the lower car park you can just walk up to the observation tower. Even if you are a bit scared of heights I highly recommend you climbing up as it is an epic view from the tower, one of the best views of Victoria!!

Sun setting over the mountains

You can see all kinds of places in the distance from this tower including Port Phillip Bay and if you look very closely you can see the skyscrapers in Melbourne!!!

Beneath the tower from above

I recommend Mt. Donna Buang for people who want to do lighter snow activities

I would recommend heading to Mt. Donna Buang in winter to people who aren’t keen on doing snow sports but would like to see the snow, build a snowman or toboggan.

P8264921 (2).jpg
The fog rolling in



The remaining sun, shining subtly on the hillside


I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed snapping them and looking through them.

Mikki 🙂


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