Stunning Views at Seven Acre Rock, Gladysdale

Hi Friends,

If you love a hike with a view and landscapes full of lush green vegetation this is the hike for you. I had been waiting for a while for a day where there are few clouds in the sky just to do this hike as you can see Port Phillip Bay from this lookout on clearer days.

P8094552 (2).jpg
Small amounts of sunlight break through the thick vegetation


Where: 80km East of Melbourne. Not far from Powelltown. Bunyip Rd, Gladysdale. The walking track starts opposite from the parking area.

P8094547 (2).jpg

When: This is best to do when the sky is relatively clear so you can get a better view.

Length & Time: 1.2km return which should take you around 30 minutes to do. You will probably want to admire the view though so you might be longer than that haha.

Difficulty/Experience Level: This hike is mostly very easy. However, when you get closer to the lookout it gets a little bit harder (medium/hard). There are some steep-ish walking spots and you will need to do a little bit of rock clambering but that is only for a small amount of the hike.

Terrain: The track is mostly well-formed. You will have to look out for markers towards the lookout as the track becomes less clear. When I went the track was muddy and a little bit slippery. I would definitely recommend hiking shoes for this especially because of the rocks.

Other notes/tips: There is a toilet near the carpark.


To get to the lookout, you have to walk through two distinctive areas. Firstly, there is a very green part. Full of tall trees, ferns, moss and other green vegetation.



Then the second part, closer to the lookout is full of rocks of all sizes and less greenery. This is where it gets a bit tricky haha.


I just look at the markers and think “lol you want me to go where m8”? I am very thankful to have my hiking shoes which have been tried and tested on much trickier terrains because they definitely gave me the confidence I needed to clamber away.


Then you get to the view which is admittedly much crazier in real life. I hope I managed to capture some of the sense of vast beauty.


P8094602 (2).jpg

I can imagine that sunset from this spot would be incredible!


I personally loved the view and enjoyed my lunch from the rock. I think this would also be a very nice place to have a picnic :).

Me loving life :’)


I could vaguely make out Port Phillip Bay but clouds and possibly smog clouded the view a little bit.


I 100% recommend visiting!

I would 100% recommend visiting here on a sunny day especially if you live out in the Outer Eastern Suburbs. When I visited on Wednesday afternoon it was a nice quiet time, I only across 2 other people (a couple). This is a very peaceful place, I could hear nothing unnatural. Just birds, the sound of the wind and bark/leaves falling off trees. This is an incredible relief as I come from a suburb where there is ALWAYS some kind of noisy construction going on and as I work in a building that has been a building site for months!!!!!


Places to visit near Seven Acre Rock

If you wanted to make a day trip out of this you could possibly visit Warburton (La La Falls) and/or Noojee (The Trestle Bridge & Falls). Or you could visit on the way to/from Mt. Baw Baw which is relatively close.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it somewhat helpful :). I am glad to be back adventuring in my side of town! If any of my Victorian friends read this, let me know if you want to do a hike together sometime because I get the heebie jeebies being alone in the bush sometimes :’).

Mikki x

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