Glimpses of Breathtaking Bavaria, Germany


Hi Friends,

The most recent 2-3 blog posts (including this one) will be very much photography-orientated.

As this was quite a personal trip I cannot share much of the story behind them, so, I’ll say:

I cannot tell you where I was because most of the time I didn’t know (or care); it was more so about the person I was with, not about the destinations. We went on a road trip through Germany and Austria across a number of days … here is a glimpse into a very memorable week of my life.

A stream near Tegernsee
Church & Cemetary at Dusk
Sun setting from a cemetery
A farm overshadowed by mountain ranges







I hope you enjoyed these photos and can appreciate my vagueness in the story behind them.

If you would like to read about my other Spring Alpine adventures, click on the links below:

Pfiad Di!

Mikki 🙂












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