The Most Picturesque German Alpine Town: Tegernsee


Hi Friends,

Have you ever walked for hours, unable to stop because the beauty you were encountering was so wonderfully addictive?


You needed to see more of it, so you just kept going?


Then you realised it was getting dark… oops. Then you end up having a coffee at a petrol station and having potato chips for dinner haha… um… (so relatable, right?).

Even the median strips were stunning….

By the time my friend came to pick me up, they couldn’t believe how far I had walked in the span of 4 hours.

The most colourful Rathaus I’ve ever seen

This happened to me a few weeks ago, for the first time in my life, in the land that owns a large part of my heart, Germany.

Incredible beauty everywhere you turn in Tegernsee

I actually visited Tegernsee with a friend over a number of days. On this particular day, when most of these shots were taken, my friend dropped me off and I walked endlessly around this deceivingly large lake.


Germany’s Next Duck Model. This one and its mate ended up swimming over to me and climbing up stairs to follow me. Two ladies laughed at me while I yelled defensively at the ducks: “Ich habe kein Brot, nur Schokoladen”. (They will understand me if I speak their language…right? Quack?)
German ducks… honestly!


Tips for Tegernsee & Surrounds: 

-I would recommend coming in Spring – the weather is wonderfully mild and it isn’t crowded at all.

-Visit the Naturkaeserei in nearby Kreuth, especially on a sunny day- sit outside and enjoy the mountain view. Have a cheese platter and wine! Everything about this place is excellent – the cheeses are of the highest quality made with only natural, regional ingredients and the staff are lovely.

-If you would like to buy some delicious and aesthetically pleasing chocolate, especially as a little gift for a loved one (or for yourself), go to Leysieffer (Seestraße 1, 83700 Rottach-Egern).

-If you are in the market for expensive, high-quality items such as clothing, shoes or lingerie, definitely take a wander around the shops around Schwaighofstraße. They even had boutiques for dogs (I would have definitely gone for a cheeky browse if they were open hehe).


This post might not make sense to a lot of people and it might not be very informative at all.

P5113260.jpgThis, however, is my style of travelling – getting lost and falling in love with a place and its inhabitants.

Come away with me… (was compelled to turn on that song after looking at this picture)

I, of course, recommend Tegernsee, especially to people who travel with a similar style as me. Tegernsee is a place to visit especially if you would like to see where Germans actually go on a sunny day.

Beautiful mountains follow you until you are towns away


As darkness began to fall upon me, I realised I shouldn’t be standing in the middle of nowhere taking pictures in the dark and walked to the next town… to a petrol station where I purchased a nutritious dinner of coffee, wine and potato chips.

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Mikki 🙂

PS. I did take some more shots as the sun was setting, however, I was so far from Tegernsee at that point and I’ve already posted a lot of pictures in this post so, I’ll include those shots in a future post.


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