A spontaneous birthday in Hobart, Tasmania.


Hi Friends!

Apologies for not posting for a while. Admittedly, I was stuck in a rut for a while. Luckily, in recent times I have been extremely inspired. I have been learning more about photography which has been a fascinating and incredibly fun experience. I hope you will notice this with each new post – I have several coming up and I am very excited to share them.


Hobart, Tasmania


I was trying something different for my birthday…

So, to my post on Hobart. For my birthday I decided I would do what I love: travel and that I would travel somewhere, alone. After discussions with another dear friend who had recently travelled around Australia, she recommended to me a company to book tours through. I only had a limited amount of time and found the perfect tour for me which explored the East Coast of Tasmania, if you would like to read about that, the link is here. 

Former Factories in Hobart dating back to the late 1800’s.

The beginning of the adventure

On Friday, the 28th of April, on my 25th birthday, I set off on an early plane to Hobart. I drank a very strong coffee and I wandered around taking photos and reading information placards.


I very slowly strolled, with the intention of taking it all in. Tasmania actually feels like a different country to me. The people seem to live life at a slower pace (to properly enjoy it) and generally, I found them to be relaxed, super friendly people. I was also amazed at how developed their art culture seems to be.

An icebreaking ship

I also loved how different people were dressed everywhere, such interesting juxtapositions. In the cold weather (where I wore a large down coat and was still cold), on one extreme some people were clad in short and thongs (flip-flops for my American friends) and at the other extreme others were dressed in fine business attire.

Salamanca Markets (I didn’t it catch it on the day of the markets, unfortunately).

I enjoyed the beautiful, historical old colourful buildings which reminded me of the colourful building you see in European countries (which I think should be mandatory in colder cities!).


I ate a scallop pie (a Tasmanian speciality) as a flock of seagulls watched me intently.

Seagulls wanting some pie

I spontaneously decided to go on a cruise

I noticed a sign for a boat tour with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys– I thought it was my birthday so, why not?? I decided I would do it whatever the cost, treat myself. I chose to do an Iron Pot Cruise as it fit perfectly with my schedule.

A seal who is known affectionately as ‘Nigel’ because he is a Nigel-no-mates kind of seal. He was sunbathing on the rocks and then put on a little bit of a show for us in the water.

The tour lead by the knowledgeable tour guide, Hamish, consisted of 5 tourists including myself. Hamish was an intriguing and entertaining man full of interesting information about modern times and the past to share about Hobart as well as lots of information about the natural landscape and its inhabitants.


I saw ocean water in a teal colour that I had never seen before in real life! In that moment, I was so excited that I temporarily misplaced my lens cap (I keep it in my bra when I am shooting but decided not to do that in public because it is a bit risque – but I automatically did this because I couldn’t think about anything but capturing that beautiful coloured water!).


I highly recommend doing a boat tour in Hobart

If you are interested in doing a boat tour in Hobart, I 100% recommend Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. They are an award-winning tour company and it is very obvious to me why they are award-winning.

The Iron Pot Cruise circumnavigates Australia’s oldest lighthouse which is called the Iron Pot Lighthouse.
This small island was inhabited until a storm occurred in the late 1800’s and was abandoned out of fear of future disasters.

If you enjoy nature, wildlife and you would like some unique perspectives of the actual city and its surrounds, you would enjoy this tour!


We encountered a variety of seabirds and 2 lone seals. Hamish also said that occasionally on this tour (if you are lucky) you might encounter other sea mammals. I believe that Pennicott Wilderness Journeys also has tours that are more dedicated to spotting sea mammals.


Tips for Hobart:

Nature & Wildlife lovers

Check out the cruises that Pennicott Wilderness Journeys have to offer before planning your trip. They have more comprehensive/longer trips that can take you all over Tasmania, if I return to Tassie in the future I will do another cruise with them for sure. The cruises range in prices and in themes – some of which might be pricey but if you can afford it, it is totally worth the cost in my opinion.

Art lovers

Go to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) via ferry. According to a lovely friend of mine the ferry is very much worthwhile for the full experience. I should give you the heads up that this is an edgy museum that showcases some controversial forms of art (some of which have lead to protests from the public)- so if that isn’t your thing, give it a miss. They also have special touring exhibitions that you can read more about here. It isn’t for everyone but die-hard art culture lovers should definitely make a visit.

Museum Admission according to the website: If you are Tasmanian or under 18, admission is free (pick a ticket up on site). For everyone else, it varies between $20–$28 (adult) and $15–$25 (concession) depending on the time of year.

As for the ferry, it is $22 for the basic experience and for a more luxurious experience in the ‘Posh Pit’ it is $55.

Market lovers & Foodies

If you are in Hobart over the weekend get yourself to Salamanca Markets which are open every Saturday (with the exception of some holiday/public holiday periods). The market stalls stock a range fresh and gourmet artisanal food products, arts & craft and other handmade goods. These markets sell produce and goods from around Tasmania, interstate and overseas.

Architecture lovers

Go for a stroll – anywhere. I particularly liked the area near the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys shop and around Salamanca Markets. If you walk behind the Salamanca markets you will spot many gorgeous old homes too if that is your thing.

Appropriate Clothing

If travelling to Hobart during the colder seasons (which is most of the year except Summer) bring a warm coat, a beanie or a hat and some gloves. I was surprised at how cold Hobart was compared to the rest of Tasmania so be prepared!

Organise your airport transport

If you don’t have transfers or car rental, I would suggest going via bus if you would like a cheaper option – buses must be booked at least 2 hours before so you have to be organised to take one. Bus fares vary and you can calculate it before you buy a ticket, I believe a standard adult ticket to get to the city is around $20AUD. Otherwise, you can get a taxi for about $40-$50AUD or an Uber (I got fed up with the app and got a Taxi haha).


I hope you enjoyed my blog post and found it somewhat informative. I will get back to my blogging schedule of posting every Wednesday as of next week. If you would like to read about my East Coast Adventure click here. 

Mikki 🙂

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