Running Creek Track, Kinglake.

Hi Everyone,

As promised here is the second part of my Kinglake adventure! After visiting Mason Falls and some smaller waterfalls I did a 5.6km hike (return). As aforementioned in my other most recent blog, Kinglake National Park has multiple hiking trails and is very much a ‘choose your own’ adventure type of experience.


I chose to hike along the Running Creek Track. This track begins behind the stairs near the Mason Falls Viewing Platform. It follows the same path to Mt. Sugarloaf which is a much longer hike.

Mason Falls Viewing Platform

I found this hike to be incredibly difficult. It probably doesn’t help that I am not very fit at the moment.

So steep!!!

There were many steep hills to walk up and down. I was shuffling slowly down some of them because they were so steep. Some of the trail was rocky with lots of loose small rocks that were slippery to walk on. I nearly fell multiple times and actually fell once and nearly cried haha. I didn’t cry though, I told myself that it was okay and I was fine and I got back up and kept on hiking! Such a brave woman I am haha ummm….. I need to invest in proper hiking shoes – if you have any recommendations of brands please comment and tell me!

Oooouuuuuccccchhhh (Imagine that in E.T’s voice please)

On this hike the scenery goes from Australian bush to more rainforest-like with lots of ferns and greener vegetation.


I walked to the ferny nook and as the name implies it had lots of Ferns.

Soooo green!


I am pretty sure at this point I exclaimed “Not another hill, you’re joking!!!!”

I could often hear water running but could not see the source due the thick vegetation surrounding the trail.

A small creek

I did come across two small creeks on this walk. I reached Hazel Glade and stopped when I came to a sign saying that I had walked 2.8km and turned around. If I was fitter I would’ve definitely continued onto Mt. Sugarloaf.


I was very exhausted from the constant hills and practically limped back haha and I limped for days after (I wish I was joking). Do not do this hike if you are unfit or out of practice unless you want to suffer – start with an easier trail.

Pretty Bush Flower 1#
Pretty Bush Flower 2#

The beauty of this particular trail though is that if you park your car in Mason Falls Picnic Ground Car Park you can see the waterfall twice which is quite a nice treat.

This was the feature pic in my last blog post 🙂 I had to share it again though!

I have started a training regime this week to help improve my performance on hikes so that they are more enjoyable. Hopefully, in a few weeks time, I’ll be powering through these hikes like a pro ;)!

I hope you enjoyed this post :).





3 thoughts on “Running Creek Track, Kinglake.

  1. Your hike looked fabulous. I am an avid hiker myself. I wish I could trek to Australia now and enjoy the wildlife. Your photos were lovely. I have a few trails along my community that I enjoy exploring as well. Nice to know people around the world are going outdoors and embracing what nature has to offer! Happy travels 🙂


    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment :). You should definitely come to Australia! I am actually planning on coming to California as soon as I can! There is nothing like getting out and enjoying nature, the world has become my gym- it is wonderful :). Happy hiking x

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