An Epic Waterfall in Kinglake: Mason Falls

Hi Friends!

The Picnic Grounds

This weekend I did some exploring in Kinglake National Park. I have actually spent a lot of time in Kinglake in the past but haven’t been back for many years. Kinglake has always held a special place in my heart and even as a child I remember I always told my aunt that I would come to live there. Kinglake is full of luscious green vegetation, the air smells so fresh there (rainforest like) and something about being there just makes me feel incredibly peaceful. Basically, it is soul food for me.

Choose your own adventure!

I decided to check out Mason Falls and to do a hike (the link to the hiking post is here). To get to Mason Falls I started off at the Mason Falls Picnic Ground – from there you can choose your own adventure.


Mason Falls Facilities and Signage

There are multiple walking tracks in Kinglake National Park from Mason Falls Picnic Ground and from what I could see the signage was good. There are toilets at the Picnic Grounds.

Great views of rolling hills on the way to Mason Falls

Follow the signs to the falls

From Mason Falls Picnic Ground you can follow the signs that lead you to the Mason Falls Viewing Platform which is an easy 700m walk. If you keep your eyes peeled walking along the main track you will see there are a few unmarked, unofficial tracks to your right – they lead to smaller waterfalls.

Small Waterfall 1

Smaller falls near Mason Falls

I stopped at two sections of smaller waterfalls before getting to Mason Falls. They were both lovely, tranquil spots.

Me enjoying the serenity haha

It was a great opportunity for me to get some practice with slow shutter speed – I still have a lot to learn about photography though so I won’t feature many of my slow shutter speed shots because they aren’t great haha.

My best slow shutter speed shot. Yes, I have a lot of practice and learning to do but it is a start :).

I even stopped and had my breakfast at second small waterfall section. The second section had multiple small waterfalls and a comparatively larger waterfall within that section.

Small waterfall section #2
Small waterfall section 2#


I really enjoyed hanging around the small waterfalls, eating breaky there and practising my photography skills. After a week of working mostly within a windowless room, this adventure in such a beautiful national park was exactly what I needed.

A larger waterfall in the small waterfall #2 section

Mason Falls is huge!

Mason Falls itself totally exceeded my expectations. Photos I had seen online were only of small parts of the actual Mason Falls but not of the entirety! So I was amazed to see how large it actually was.

Mason Falls in all its glory and entirety!

I really love seeing waterfalls within bushland – something about the contrast of the Australian bush with a rocky face of the waterfall and the water running is spectacular to me. The history of this national park is incredibly fascinating – over 350 million years ago this entire area was part of a large sea. The rocks of Mason Falls formed from ancient sediment from the seabed that lifted and baked during volcanic activity, creating hard mudstone. Throughout history, Kinglake National park itself has undergone many changes from 250 million years ago to more recent times in 2009 when there were catastrophic bushfires throughout Kinglake. There is still some evidence of the bushfires throughout the national park, however, you can also see that the forest and fern gullies have regrown.

A small section of Mason Falls

Before you visit

Make sure you check out the Parks Victoria website for changed conditions before you make the trip. I hope you enjoy my blog post as much as I enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned for my post on my hike in Kinglake National Park!

Mikki 🙂


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