Melbourne at dawn from Port Phillip Bay

Hello Everyone,

My parents and I did a dawn cruise in Melbourne – it wasn’t a fun experience for any of us (I actually wrote a full review/rant but deleted it all because I didn’t want the bad vibes and negativity on my blog) but fortunately, I took some cool photos. This is more of a photo orientated post – I hope you enjoy it! If you are looking for an experience where you are going to get good views of Melbourne at dawn for photography – I would suggest setting up at the shore- such as on Williamstown beach. If you do a cruise at dawn please wear your warmest clothes and try to pick a cruise that has heating and bring a jacket that you would wear during cold winter weather.

The Docklands in slow shutter speed when I was playing with camera settings
View of the city from Williamstown
Queen Mary 2 heading into Melbourne
Queen Mary 2  in all its glory!


Me thawing out
Nice colours, a bit high fashion in my Cotton On leggings and fleece.
Moody Melbourne.



Mikki 🙂

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