Hidden Treasures: Waratah Bay


Hello Friends!

Waratah Bay in relation to Melbourne

The night of our trip to Wilsons Promontory, we spent the night in a cheap motel which was an hour away. We had initially planned on heading back to Wilsons Prom the next day to go hiking – however, despite my best attempts to be sun smart, I managed to get quite sunburnt on my legs and I had lots of bites from March flies so I was in heaps of pain. So I was definitely not in any shape to hike. We decided to head home and chose to stop at a random beach in the direction of Melbourne and we were pleasantly surprised.


Using a map from a Lonely Planet book we chose the beach that was closest to where we were – Waratah Bay. We googled it – looked nice enough, so we set off. We drove through the countryside in an area full of dairy cows. We were admiring the beautiful cows – then *boom* there was suddenly a car park to the beach. We were like “is this the beach????”


A very beautiful secluded beach

We got to the beach at around 9am and wow…. We felt like the two luckiest people in the world to stumble upon such a place!  It was a huge, stunning beach with sand as soft as the sand at Wilson’s Prom AND with views of Wilson’s Prom.

Hello Mr. Krabs

It was a beach which seemed to only have locals who were surfing and taking a morning dip. The beach was so large it felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves despite there being other people on it. It also looked like you could walk quite far along the coast on both sides.


I have not worn any type of bathing suit in public for many years and did not even get down into a bathing suit at Wilsons Prom. As this beach was so wonderfully secluded and because I am very close to another weight loss milestone (20kg!!!) I got into a bikini and frolicked!


I guess what I learnt from this experience is that heading to the beach in the morning on a hot day is a great idea especially because I have such a fair complexion (FYI: I still wore sunscreen but I didn’t have to worry so much about sweating it all off and the UV rays generally aren’t as strong in the morning etc.).


Less popular doesn’t equal a lesser experience

It is also a lot less crowded in the morning. Also, this reaffirms that idea that I had about checking out less popular places. Less popular does not equal a lesser experience – but this also depends on what you are looking for. I am looking for places the locals go to, the hidden gems that aren’t full of crowds. When I get into nature, I want to enjoy the sights, the sounds and the scents as stripped back as it can be with little to no interruptions.

Are you even a blogger on the beach if you don’t frolick?

I am so glad we stumbled upon this beach because it was simply heavenly.


I hope you enjoyed my post! Special thanks to my friend Nat for helping me by taking pics of me for this post ❤.

Mikki 🙂



5 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures: Waratah Bay

  1. Really enjoyed reading your post! I can relate so much with getting sun burnt hahaha I can never avoid it! This sounds like a place definitely worth visiting. If you fancy checking out my blog I’d be so appreciative. Bare with me though, I’m pretty new to this x


    1. I am glad you enjoy my post! Being pale/sunburn prone is so horrible – I will definitely start going to the beach in the morning now (for some reason it never occurred to me until that day that it would be a good idea haha). I will check out your blog right now 🙂 x


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