Exploring the unique beaches of Wilsons Promontory: A day trip


Whisky Bay


Hello Friends!


A map of Wilsons Promontory in relation to Melbourne and the stops we visited


Last weekend I went on a road trip to Wilson’s Promontory with my friend Natalie. Neither of us had been to Wilson’s Prom but I had heard that it had some of the best beaches in Victoria and I knew that it was a popular place to go camping. Wilson’s Prom is quite special because it is the Southernmost point of mainland Australia! Wilson’s Prom is 242km away  (3.5 hour drive) from Melbourne’s CBD.

P2040167 (2).jpg
One of the many lookouts in Wilson’s Prom

After driving through the entrance of Wilson’s Promontory National Park we were constantly stunned by the variety of views- from rocky cliff faces, gorges and the beach from afar. We had no plan except to see Squeaky Beach at some stage. We had a vague map that we picked up at the entrance and a travel book which had a more detailed map and we made up our plans as we went along (this is my favourite thing to do). We came armed with lots of snacks (there is a general store in Wilson’s Prom but I figured it would be pricey due to it being a tourist hotspot), lots of water and a sense of adventure!

Millers Landing Nature Walk

Millers Landing Nature Walk

Our first stop was at the Five Mile Car Park and we chose to do the Millers Landing Nature Walk which was 2km long and took us about 45 minutes to complete (return). This is graded as an easy walk on the Parks Victoria website.

Millers Landing Nature Walk

This walk was very interesting because there was quite a large path cleared with no trees the whole way. There were many animal droppings and tracks – including emu tracks and we were both pretty scared of the prospect of seeing an emu in the wild. I remarked to my friend Nat that I kind of felt like we were in a zombie apocalypse movie, walking out in plain sight and just waiting for something to jump out.

Millers Landing mangroves

There were no zombies – but there were a lot of March flies! It was the first time I experienced their bite and we were both bitten many times and screamed a lot. Whenever we stopped to take photos I was doing a stupid little dance to try to stop them from landing on me. I forgot to bring my insect repellant (you have to forget something, right?) and I definitely will not forget it ever again after this memorable experience hahahaha. We spotted wallabies on this walk and on our drive to the Five Mile Car Park we spotted a deer.

Millers Landing

We became very excited when we could see the ocean from the hike as we got closer to the beach. Millers Landing is not really an area you can swim in- it is full of mangroves. These mangroves are the southernmost stand of mangroves in the world!! We navigated around the mangroves and walked out to an area where the ocean normally is (the tide was out) We had some great views of the surrounding beach from this point and spotted many crabs and birds.

Checking out the view at Millers Landing
Millers Landing

Tidal River

After finishing off our hike we had a snack in the car and decided to head in the direction of Tidal River. Initially, we decided we would go to Tidal River but there were no parking spots in sight and we could see that it was incredibly crowded even from the car (Nat and I are not fans of crowds). Tidal River is very close to a large camping ground (which was veeeeeery overcrowded) and also to the visitors centre, I think this is why is was so busy. The cherry on top was when we saw Park Rangers getting out of their car with snake catching equipment hahahahaha and we were just like “NOPE” and left the Tidal River carpark quick sticks.

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

We then headed to Squeaky Beach. Squeaky Beach is called Squeaky Beach because the sand supposedly makes a squeaky noise as you step on it. We couldn’t hear any squeaking, unfortunately. However, I must say the sand on that beach was beautiful to walk on barefoot- very finely milled and soft, yet firm. This beach being one of the most popular beaches in Wilson’s Prom was slightly crowded and as aforementioned I do not like crowded places, so that kind of detracted from the experience for me personally.

Frolicking on Squeaky Beach

Whisky Bay

Fear, not friends who aren’t fans of crowds! The beauty of Wilson’s Prom is that there are many beaches and many walking trails with varying levels of people on each. Nat and I ended our day with a trip to Whisky Bay.

Whisky Bay

I loved Whisky Bay! It had significantly fewer people which made it a lot more relaxing for us. It also had these big beautiful rocks to the side of the beach, which we walked around to find secluded little spots which were very peaceful.

A baby seagull getting flying lessons at Whiskey Bay

We sat and watched a baby seagull getting flying lessons and I was nearly in tears at the sight of this (cuteness overload!).

Whiskey Bay

Travel Epiphany

I have stumbled across a revelation that the vast majority of tourists don’t want to walk for more than 10 minutes or so to attractions and only visit the most famous sites- this is probably due to a lot of factors and I am guessing time constraints is a big one. So if you are like me and you like to get out into nature but you appreciate quietness and secludedness keep this in mind. I would encourage you to check out the less popular places because in my opinion popularity in itself severely detracts from landmarks/attractions. Also, take the time to do a walking track because not many people will be willing to do this and you will be treated to serenity and wildlife that would otherwise be scared away by the masses.

I can’t wait to go back to Wilson’s Promontory and I am planning to do a longer hike (either hours long or multi-day) in the future. If you are willing to go for a long hike, you can hike to very secluded beaches and I am super keen to do this one day! This place is fantastic because as mentioned earlier, there are many beaches and a lot of different walking trails you can do which cater to different abilities, time constraints and for those who like crowds and those who don’t.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to visit a secluded beach nearby to Wilsons Prom check out my blog post on Waratah Bay.

Mikki 🙂

PS. Thank you to my friend Nat for helping me take photos for this particular blog post and for being a great travel companion ❤

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  1. Sounds you you had a lot of fun, Mikki, well apart from the March flies! I get badly affected by them. I’m not a fan of busy places either and agree with your observations. I’m yet to visit this area but hope to do so one day. 🙂

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