Olinda Falls, Olinda.

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I planned on doing a 2-hour hike in Olinda but on this particular day I was feeling quite unwell so I kept it fairly short (I went straight to the doctors after this, still recovering right now waaa).


The trail to the falls



I really enjoyed the actual drive to Olinda, there were such great views along the way and I really loved admiring the charming old houses in the area. I ended up driving to the Olinda Falls Carpark and doing the short walks to both the upper and lower falls which felt like a massive workout due to my illness. Both the walking tracks are fairly short. The steep stairs to the lower falls can be a slightly challenging – especially if you aren’t a fan of stairs.


Upper Falls.


Upper Falls Viewing Platform

There is a viewing platform with seats at the lookout to the Upper Falls.


Steep stairs that lead to and from the lower falls


I really enjoyed the lower falls because I like when I can get up close and personal to the waterfall. There is a little bridge that crosses over the waterfall and stable rocks surround the waterfall enabling you to get up close. There is also a viewing platform across the bridge. The featured picture is of the lower falls.


Lower Falls



I would recommend stopping by the falls if you are in the area and going to somewhere like the Sky High Lookout. I have seen some spectacular waterfalls in Victoria and this one isn’t comparatively as great as some of the other ones I have seen (it feels so wrong to say that about a waterfall…haha). So, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to see it. If you are a fan of chasing waterfalls great and small like I am – go!!!  There is also a picnic area surrounded by forest near the carpark to Olinda Falls.


Stalking native birds.


I stopped off at a cute Cafe called ‘Kalorama Kitchen’ which is near two great (and free!) lookouts. I had a Big Veggie Breakfast which was really delicious and chock full of veggies. The staff were lovely and attentive. I was the first customer for the day (it was quite early) so they seated me at the best table in the cafe which had a great view of Silvan Dam.


Silvan Dam from the Lookout on Mt. Dandenong Tourist Rd.


I am planning on doing a day guide or top 5 on The Dandenongs eventually but I would like to get to know the area better first especially because I live nearby. I really love this whole area though and I am looking forward to spending more time here!

Mikki 🙂

Note: I went to Olinda Falls a few weeks ago. The lower falls are currently closed according to Parks Victoria website. I always recommend checking the Parks Victoria website for updates before heading to a place that they look after.

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