My Top 4 Recommendations for The Great Ocean Road


Hi Everyone,

As a part of my trip with my friends Kelly and Bernd, we visited the Great Ocean Road for a day after going to the Grampians. As aforementioned in my last post, I strongly recommend visiting these two places together as it is an easy drive between the two destinations and there is great signage along the way. The Great Ocean Road is well-known for being the place to travel along for an epic scenic road-trip. I would recommend either driving or going on a tour operated bus.


The Great Ocean Road is 243km long with no shortage of beautiful sights along the road and many places to potentially stop at – it would probably take forever and a day to see the whole thing properly. If you are doing a day trip as we did, I would strongly recommend choosing a few stops that you definitely want to see before you leave and using that as your guide as it can become incredibly tempting to stop at every single stop.


Here are the places that I recommend:

1. Loch Ard Gorge (also depicted in the feature image)

I really, really loved the Loch Ard Gorge. Having a small piece of beach enclosed by rocky cliffs was like being in our own private paradise. It was my first time seeing this particular stop and I found it to be incredibly captivating. We also spotted an echidna near the stairs leading to the beach which was very cool, especially for my friends who had never seen one before.


Spot the echidna!

2. The Blow Hole

We didn’t stop at The Blow Hole because this trip was extremely spontaneous and we really just went with the flow – which meant we saw some stops that weren’t really worth seeing and missed some good stops such as this one. The Blow Hole is in the Loch Ard Gorge Precinct and is definitely worth checking out. I visited The Blow Hole as a teenager and it was a memorable experience. It is a magnificent rock formation where you can hear and feel the roar of the ocean (literally, you might actually get wet FYI).

3. The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles, of course, has to be mentioned. The Twelve Apostles, in my opinion, are a little bit overrated but they are still undeniably spectacular and worth visiting. This stop is incredibly popular and when my friends and I visited it was swamped with tourists and to be honest, I am not a fan of crowds haha so that detracted from the experience a little bit. I’d recommend visiting this stop early on in the day rather than in the afternoon when it can get a little bit hectic.


Me at the Twelve Apostles. FYI: I used an art filter for this image as I was playing with the settings on camera if you are wondering why it looks so different to the others.

4. Split Point Light House

So, we didn’t actually stop at Split Point Light House in Airey’s Inlet on this particular trip but I have visited as a teenager and it was a little bit magical for me. This is especially worth visiting if you are a fan of the TV show ‘Round The Twist’ like I am. The TV show is about a family who lived in a lighthouse and that particular lighthouse is in Airey’s Inlet, it is called Split Point Lighthouse. You can also spot the lighthouse as you drive through the area around Airey’s Inlet so it might be worth just looking out for it and not necessarily stopping there. As we drove past the iconic Split Point Lighthouse, I subjected my friends to me singing the Round The Twist theme song repeatedly and I tried to get them join in when they didn’t know the lyrics (sorry guys!). Have you ever, ever felt like this? Okay, I’ll stop now…

Other recommendations for the Great Ocean Road

One of the best things about visiting the Great Ocean Road is that most of the stops are free to visit. If you live in Victoria and especially if you have a vehicle, I would 100% recommend you that you do a day trip or if you have the time- visiting over a number of days. This region is also renowned for great food and wine- with multiple wineries, breweries, cheeseries and endless cafes and restaurants. If you are on a budget like my friends and I were, it may be worth packing some snacks and visiting a fish & chip shop- which I believe should be an essential stop for every tourist visiting Australia if they want a true Aussie experience (if you eat seafood try flake and if you don’t eat seafood  try some potato cakes, I urge you!). My friends and I really enjoyed stopping to get fish and chips at the Apollo Bay Seafood Cafe (100% recommend this particular shop for fish and chips, by the way) as our last stop before we headed back to Melbourne.

Other trip planning resources for The Great Ocean Road

If you are planning a trip to the Great Ocean Road I also recommend you check out the website ‘Explore The Great Ocean Road’  which is a great resource full of information on many stops along the Great Ocean Road (you can find info on all the stops I mentioned there). The website Visit Victoria is also a resource worth checking out.

If you would like to visit other popular beaches in Victoria check out my blog posts:

  • Wilsons Promontory: Wilsons Promontory is a paradise for nature lovers full of unique beaches and a variety of walking tracks. This post features Squeaky Beach, Whisky Bay and Millers Landing Track.
  • Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island: The Pinnacles are a rock formation at Cape Woolamai which is a popular spot for photography (especially at sunset). Cape Woolamai is home to a beautiful beach and a cape with hiking trails.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post 🙂


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